Please Forgive Me, But...

Installing the new version gave me considerable trouble, but after three days of tinkering,I finally got my speakers and mike to be recognized. I thoroughly hate Windows 10.

However, when I to to RMS Normalize, I forget. Do I use the default -23.00 RMS?

If you’re making an audiobook the recommendation is -20dB (with ACX allowing between -18 and -23dB). See [u]Audiobook Mastering[/u].

You are urged, very strongly, to use the whole Audiobook Mastering suite. It is a ‘suite’ of tools; a harmonious grouping. They work well together and clean up after each other.

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 4.16.02.png
That’s the shortcut. The whole instruction page is in that link from DVDDoug.

It’s harder to pass ACX technical standards than it seems. If you do fail some parts of the testing, record a 10 second voice test and post it on the forum. Read down the blue links. They’re very short. We need a raw reading.