Please fix this initialized failed error

Look at the picture. Really? It says it “fails” in newer versions over 2.4.2 and under 3.0.3, here is proof; not to be mean, but I am frustrated… I am alot having to use an outdated Audacity 2.4.2 because most of the updated versions WON’T READ SOME PLUGINS. It started in between 2.4.2 and 3.0.3. And, very much like WavePad, did nothing to fix it; they added new features, but left the glitch alone. VideoPad, too, will crash when I try to use older VDF effects in the newer version, some would not work and either crash or have the video flipped upside-down. And on top of that, SPEAR begins to crash my computer again. All that is frustrating the f+++ and h+++ out of me. I’ve had enough. If I update something and the old app works but something glitches in a new update, and stays several times in a update, you get furious and know something is going on; Fix the VST error and look at this picture in your face. It’s obvious you know how to fix this and won’t AFTER THE NEXT SEVERAL VERSIONS, and who would not have noticed? Someone is probably just as frustrated as I am, so please, fix this. And yet, you say “Audacity 1.2.x and 1.3.x are obsolete and no longer supported”, and yet my 1.2.6 refuses to even run now. I get an loading error in 1.2.6 with first 2 messages, and freezes loading the data, thinking it closed, I try to restart the app and says that it is “Already Running”; I had to use CTRL+Shift+ESC to close it, and when I try to restart the app again, it repeats. Geez! Whatever this is, fix it. (It shows in the .png what happened trying to run the VST plugin)

Regarding the first message, have you tried asking at

Same for second message.

Regarding the “Deverberate” plug-in, you will either need a 64-bit version of the plug-in, or the 32-bit version of Audacity (available from: but ignore the download that starts automatically as that is the 64-bit version).

Thank you, it works in 32-Bit version, but could you have it convert plugins and/or audio between 32 and 64 in the future versions? (I don’t know why it doesn’t already.)

I don’t think that’s possible.

Then why can I convert 8-Bit to 16-Bit in some programs, or 16 to 32 (though it probably doesn’t improve the quality, and interpolates in-between)? Could someone explain why they don’t just make the program work on both, and convert the plugin audio data and the sound to the compatible 32- or 64-bit?

It’s not to do with the format of the audio data. It’s to do with 32-bit applications not being compatible with 64-bit apps. To use a 32-bit VST in a 64-bit host application, you would need some sort of “bridge” software to translate between 32-bit and 64-bit instructions.

What free app would you recommend to convert it so 32-bit can read 64-bit (if that is what you mean by “bridge”)?

What do you mean by “Bridge Software”?

Steve wrote:

To use a 32-bit VST in a 64-bit host application, you would need some sort of “bridge” software to translate between 32-bit and 64-bit instructions.

Quite right.


A VST is essentially a dll (dynamically loaded library) which is an executable very similar to a .exe
As such, it contains CPU opcodes.
In the case of 64 bits, those opcodes cannot be run in the context of a 32 bit program and are thus incompatible.
It makes no difference if the CPU is 64 bits, if a 64 bit dll is loaded/called by a 32 bit app, it will not work.
This is not a limitation of Audacity, it applies to any app.
A bridge then, converts the opcodes to the correct version, if they exist, some don’t.
It may do this in real time, JIT Just-in-time compilation - Wikipedia
or convert the whole lot first at load time, save it at a different RAM address space, then runs it.

Bridge software (paid for and free) does exist for using 32 bit plugins in a 64 bit host.
(Never seen the other way round i.e. 64 bit plugin in a 32 bit host, but not to say it does not exist,
never had a use for it, so never looked).

Usual precautions apply, be careful what you download, do your research first, not only to what software is safe but also,
what is and isn’t compatible with Audacity.
Some plugins will simply not work with Audacity, irrespective of how many bits they are and if a bridge is involved or not.
Keep in mind that a VST (dll) is an executable so has the same rights and privileges’ as any exe.
I have come across a few VSTs with embedded “nasties”.