Please add Ai Transcription also on Mac (OpenVINO™ Whisper Transcription)

I was looking for similar plugin for quite some time. This would make transcribing and exporting various sequences breeze… + much easier orientation in the timeline or organizing in exported files too…

Would be difficult to support also Mac aside from Win and Linux?

Would this help?
Hear. macOS speech recognition via the command line
**hear** is a command line interface for the built-in speech recognition capabilities in macOS. This makes it possible to transcribe spoken audio input or entire audio files.

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately transcribing and making a label region so I can export each sentence separately with its content in the file name would help me the most.

There are other algorithms for speech recognition on Mac but none are integrated with Audacity.

I’ve found whisper ai, supporting more languages and can transcribe files locally.
Theoretically there is a way to make a python script or something with Whisper and Audacity. I just don’t have enough experience to make it :)) maybe chat GPT or something like that might help building it.