Playlist Fandango - VLC Media Player

My apologies as this is not a per se Audacity issue (although I use Audacity to edit my MP3 songs).

When I open any playlist created by VLC Media Player it always displays the error message it can’t read or display the content and that each of the songs are corrupted.

That’s quite ironic since it’s VLC which created that MP3 song from another format - e.g. MP$, CDA, etc.

If I open any of those “corrupted” songs on my hard drive in a separate VLC Media window they play well.

I haven’t received any suggestions from the Video LAN (VLC Media List) list so I’m hoping someone on this list could please share some insight?

If not, could you please share your favorite audio player that’s easy to create song playlists and then save that playlist as a file so that file can then be opened and play those songs in that playlist?

Thank you!

Most media players ‘should’ support play lists. My personal favourite on Windows is foobar 2000.
Of course, any software suggestions that you get here will just be personal opinions, and there’s literally hundreds of audio players available.

I would request that people DO NOT advertise non-free software on this forum - doing so could trigger the forum spam filters causing your account to be deleted.

I occasionally use VLC, but mostly for DVDs so I’ve never tried a playlist.

I still use Winamp. I have some M3U playlists that were created with Winamp and I believe it supports a few different playlist formats. (Winamp is now “abandonware” but it runs OK on Windows 10.)

iTunes supports Smart Playlists. For example, I’ve got an “Early 60’s” playlist that includes songs from 1960-1964, but excludes Christmas music and a couple of other special genres. I’ve got another “Dance & Disco” playlist that includes those two genres, and playlists for each decade. If I add an album to my iTunes library, it automatically gets added to the appropriate smart playlist(s), so you don’t have to manually maintain them. Of course you can also have regular “manual” playlists too. (If you want to use release dates, you do have to make sure the songs are tagged with their original release date, and that was a “big project” for me… Compilation albums and some CD re-releases will be tagged with later dates by default so the dates have to be researched and edited manually.)

I mostly use iTunes just to sync my iPod (and the playlists are transferred to the iPod).

And of course there’s Windows Media Player, but I’ve never tied a playlist.

Hi Steve, Thanks so much for sharing foobar 2000. Foobar 2000 does effortlessly create a playlist but once opened on some of the song titles it doesn’t list the artist. Instead, it lists a question mark under Artist while others it does list the band name. Is there a way to rectify that? Thank you!!

There are several different ways that metadata (“tags”) can be added, so tags made in one application may not appear as intended in another (Microsoft and Apple are notorious for ignoring standards). Fortunately there are some (free) programs that can help to tag, or fix tags, such as

Hi Steve,

Thank you for sharing that link.

I’m a novice to this “tagging” and “metatagging” concerning creating playlists.

In VLC Media Player I would just drag the MP3 file (e.g. named Eagles - King of Hollywood.mp3) into the playslist window and it would play. I could add as many songs (MP3s) as I’d like.

Must I now take each song I wish to “playlist” ( a verb, if you wil?) and first “tag” or “metatag” it to create a playlist in foobar2000?

Sounds like a lot of work.


Hi Steve,

Can you pls share how I “implement” the program you provided a link to (

Do I just download that to my PC hard drive (Windows 7) and click on it to install?

Are there certain things to be sure to check-mark along the process of installing this program?

Sometimes it can get confusing what you’re downloading on sites so on that site which is the correct button to click to download this program and not another program also downloadable on that site?

Once downloaded what file name should I look for on my hard drive?

Thank you so very much!

Support for MP3Tag is here:

Hi Steve,

I tried to Register to that tag forum but it asks what my Mp3tag Version is - I have no idea what to type in that box.

I’ve typed in the word - latest, then none then newest.

Can you pls suggest what I might consider typing in that box?

I just want to ask that forum re: how I get started in downloading and installing that metatag program.

I had no idea it was going to be so complicated just to open a saved music playlist file.

Thank you.

If you’ve downloaded the latest version of MP3Tag, I’d guess it is 2.86, but the application should tell you the version (usually in “Help > About”).
I’m not familiar with MP3Tag on Windows as I use Linux, so I’m not the right person to ask.

Steve - Thank you.

My esteemed list colleagues,

Has anyone used this Mp3tag program?

Or would you have subscribed to their online forum for this and can please share how you subscribed since that has not been easy.

All this just to play a playlist! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much.