Playing mp3 file generated by audacity on android device

Have recorded two tracts of stereo…(1) backing track and (2) my singing voice. Got good mix and exported to mp3 file. Plays fine on music players in Windows 10 of computer but when transferred to android phone and tablet then only the original backing track plays and not the voice track. Have tried everything I can think of but very new to audacity (one week only) and perhaps I am failing to understand something which may be quite simple to the expert. Please help. ronbow

Have you tried headphones or anything stereo? If the vocals come back with headphones we can fix it (assuming you still have the original vocal-only track).

…If the left & right channels are out-of-phase the “center” will cancel when mixed-down to mono. That can happen if you use a professional microphone (with a 3-wire balanced XLR connector) into a regular soundcard.

Thank you DVDdoug for quick reply.
Yes, the vocal plays when the headphones are used.
So can you help me put things right please?
Thank you

Re-open the vocal recording.

To the left of the waveform there is a little window with the file name and a drop-down arrow. Click the drop-down arrow and then Split Stereo to Mono.

Now there should be separate “little windows” for each track (channel). To the left of the file name there is an “X”. Click the X to remove that track.

Now, you have a mono track that should mix-into both channels when you mix with your backing track (assuming it’s stereo).

So, do you have a stage or studio mic with an XLR connector? If so, tell use the make & model and anything else about your set-up.

Hi DVDdoug, I am so pleased it was you who replied to my question. Your instructions worked a treat…I can now hear the vocal track on the mp3 sent to my mobile phone. So in future when I record another song do I do this splitting of tracks before recording the vocal or record in stereo and then do the split?

Using computer with Windows 10 and
Just invested in
Behringer Xenyx X1622USB 12 Channel Analog Mixer
Behringer ULM302MIC Dual Digital Wireless Microphone System
2 x Alto TS310 2000Watt Active Speakers

Guess at age of 76 I’m just trying to re-live my youth and record a few songs before my voice turns into a total croak. Another reason is I lost my beautiful daughter Tracy to cancer 6 months ago and I promised her I would dub my voice over hers with one of the songs she recorded. She was “Vineyard Tracy” and can be found on uTube under that name.

Appreciate your help so much

Just invested in
Behringer Xenyx X1622USB 12 Channel Analog Mixer

If you record with the USB port you won’t get the vocal cancelation effect. The USB output is the stereo mix (it doesn’t work as a multi-channel/multi-track interface).

2 x Alto TS310 2000Watt Active Speakers

WOW!!! Rock and Roll !!!

Sorry to hear about your daughter.

Thanks DVDdoug. Sorry to be an absolute pain in the butt but have connected the mixer to the computer via usb lead and playback sound from computer comes through speakers except for playback on audacity which only feeds through the computer!? Is it something simple? ronbow

No worries DVDdoug…managed to sort the rest of it out.
Thanks so much for your help.
Do I give you ten stars or something?