Playing a midi track

I am trying to get a midi file to play on Audacity. I am following instructions at but am not clear what Open Preferences and ensure that one of the TiMidity ports is selected for playback. means.
It doesn’t seem to give me any options to select a timidity port.

I have a timidity program running and can play using pmidi

Ubuntu 18.04 and Audacity 2.4.1

You need to have Timidity running as a daemon.
If it’s not already installed, install “timidity-daemon” and then reboot the computer.

Hi all,

As a public service, I’d like to mention that there’s a new cause of Audacity not being able to find the Timidity port using the playmidi API. I found a workaround to correct it.

Details: I followed the Wiki instruction (here: to the letter and had no problem playing midi files using aplaymidi and pmidi on timidity port 128:0. Audacity continued to show no midi playback device available in the preferences.
This is on Ubuntu 20.04.1, Audacity 2.4.2 from the ubuntu repo, timidity 2.14.0 from the same source.

Cause: The ubuntu software store version of Audacity (2.4.2) is a snap that does not have sufficient permissions to access the midi port.
My workaround was to install the Ubuntu dpkg version of Audacity, which is older (2.3.3). This was able to find and access the midi port created via timidity with no problem. Audacity plays midi files now.

I realize it would be better to figure out how to get the snap version of audacity to work correctly. If someone knows how to do that please share.
I also realize that this is something of a thread-jacking. If there is a better place to share this info (new thread? Different forum?) please let me know, I’m a noob here.

Scott C.

Because there are so many versions of Linux and the major distributions do their own packaging, we only supply source code for Linux.
Yes it would be nice if either the Ubuntu store fixed their Snap package so that it worked correctly, or stopped shipping it and just distributed the deb package.

My opinion is that, as ordinary users, we ought only install apps from official repositories, and let snapcrapfts and flatpacks to enthusiasts that do not mind turning into betatesters.
To be sure not to install something else by error, I totally removed and deativated the snapd feature on my distro.