Playback with headphones not working

I am using a MacBook Air (macOS Mojave v10.14.6) and when I playback .aup files to edit them, my headphones/earbuds do not work when plugged in…instead the audio just plays back thru my laptop speakers. I’ve tried adjusting settings but no luck so far. My endgame is to be able to listen to and edit .aup files thru headphones so no one else in the room has to hear the playback. Any ideas?

Plug in the headphones before starting Audacity. Or do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices.

Are they Bluetooth headphones? Audacity is known to not play well with Bluetooth headphones on Mac.

– Bill

Thank you for the reply Bill! I tried both ideas but still just plays on my laptop speakers when earplugs are plugged in. Earplugs I’m using plug into laptop, not bluetooth

Screenshot of what I’m getting
Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 12.57.08 PM.jpg

How do your earphones plug into the macbook? Into the sound output port, or into USB, or some other way.
What is the make and model of the earphones?

– Bill

Well magic happens…
To first answer your question…they plug into an earphone port, not usb. I tried again by plugging in my audio-technica headphones this time and then launching Audacity and it worked! Then tried the off the shelf “ear candy” earplugs and they too worked now. …so not really sure what was the magic bullet but seem to be in business now. I appreciate your time and insight to help. Once again the solve seems to be a simple fix. Until next time…Cheers!!

Do you think it was a matter of the headphones? Because I have the same issue but none of my headphones seems to work.

Hello. I have the age-old issue of headphones not working. I have rescanned audio devices. Restarted macbook (big Sur), upgraded to Audacity 3.2.5. Any ideas? Thanks.