Playback was working and suddenly stopped

I read the Stephen band solution that isn’t solving my prob.
I’m using Win 10 Audition 3.3.3
Copying Vinyl-- line in – Speakers out.
I am getting good volume while using monitoring but trying to play back I get very low volume even though the playback meter shows correct levels. If I crank the external speaker to max I hear the music very soft. My system volume is at 100%. I have a logitech surround speaker system that has its own volume control which is set to the same level while recording and playback.

After Exporting MP3 it plays (normal) expected Volume.

The project was going fine all morning till it wasn’t.
I restarted Audacity = no good still have problem.
I restarted Win. = no good still have problem.
I uninstalled Aud. and reinstalled = no good still have problem.

I am using a Behringer UFO202 pre amp between the Turntable and Line in Jack.

I may have hit Ctrl instead of Shift while typing the track name, but that doesn’t seem likley.

Any help will be appreciated I enjoy using Audacity. Thanks for access to this robust Program.


So you likely bumped the level control on the Playback meter.

Thank you Jademan!!
That was it. Sometomes I can’t see the trees for the forest :pensive:
Thanks for opening my eyes


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