Playback volume on projects too low

I was using Audacity yesterday, and everything worked fine. Now, when I try to play back something I’ve recorded, the volume is so low that I can’t edit it. I have made sure that my recording/playback devices are all selected correctly. I have tried unplugging/plugging in my headphones. I have increased the laptop volume to 100%.

Note that all other sounds work fine (like if I open YouTube and play a video, it sounds fine). Also, if I export an audio file and then open it up in some other media player, the volume is just fine.

Please help; I need to get my project finished!

for the project you have just recorded, you can select all, then effects, then Volume and compression, then Amplify…I am assuming when you play it back the blue souns wave on the tracks is very thin/ small.
If the blue line is a good size then the problem may be with your playback settings in Audacity or in Windows

The waveforms look as they should. It’s just that, even with the volume up to 100, it’s not normal. I CAN hear it, I just can’t hear it well enough to edit out stuff like mouth noises that I don’t want. And then if my computer makes another sound (like a chime notification), it almost blows my ears off.

That happened to me. Go to the bar in the upper right. There’s a section with a microphone and one with a speaker. Move the speaker bar to the right. See if that helps.

YES! This worked! Thank you so so much!

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