Playback via Timeline Quick-Play stops after selected region

I’m using Audacity v3.1.2 on Windows 10. When I updated to the current version, I ended up wiping my settings, so I’m not sure if this is an intentional change, or mis-configuration on my part!

My problem is as follows: if I have a region of the timeline selected, and click on the timeline to quick-play before the beginning of the selection, playback stops at the end of the selection. The previous behavior was, playback started via quick-play before the beginning of the selected area would continue until manually stopped.

This is sort of disastrous to me, because I use this all the time (testing click removal, if nothing else), so I hope I’m just missing some preference that I’d forgotten about!

Further testing…just for kicks, I grabbed the portable version of Audacity from PortableApps and had the same behavior.

However! I discovered accidentally that if I have a looping area defined anywhere in the timeline, playback works as expected (playing past the selected region). If I toggle repeat off, I get the “broken” behavior, toggle on, it works as expected.

Has anyone else encountered this? I don’t want to post in the bug forum unless I’m sure!

This is a known issue: