Playback suddenly stopped giving any sound on new MacBook Pro

My new Audacity suddenly stopped giving sound either in the internal speakers of my new MacBook M3 MAX running Sonoma 14.4.1 lr through headphones. The app was working fine for several days… but now a problem. I can see the playback metre merrily showing the volume as the music plays, but no actual sound. The volume is set to 40%. I’ve ‘rescanned audio devices’ and selected either headphones or internal speakers, but nothing. The tracks definitely aren’t muted. So I restarted Audacity: no change. I rebooted the laptop: no change. I re–downloaded the latest version of Audacity: no change. I’ve tested the laptop and headphones on other apps and there they work fine. Please can you suggest what’s going wrong?

I’m going to answer my own query. I’ve now discovered that on this latest version of Audacity (much newer than I’ve earlier been using) the Playback Level display also carries the volume control and that is independent of the laptop’s OWN overall volume. Audacity’s volume control used to merely track changes made to the laptop’s volume and vice versa. Not anymore. I solved my problem by hiking Audacity’s volume up to 100% and controlling the output solely from the laptop’s volume function buttons F11 & F12. If anyone experiences the same problem… that’s the solution.