Playback speed too fast on certain recordings from cassette

MAC OS 10.4.11

I’m using Audacity 2.0 to record cassettes/books on tape and turn them into digital files.
The first cassette tape I recorded came out fine. I recorded it and exported it as an mp3. When I open it in iTunes, it sounds normal.
Subsequent tapes are not normal. When I open them in iTunes, the speed is faster than what ‘normal’ playback on my boom box is.
I tested it out, recording the one cassette tape that worked using the same exact settings on those that did not. There is something going on with those cassettes … I think.
Trouble is, I don’t know which setting to change in Audacity to get those sped-up recordings to slow down. I already tried mono vs. stereo, and that did not work.

When you play back the recording in Audacity, does the speed sound normal? If you plug headphones into the cassette deck, does the speed sound normal? If so, then something else is wrong.

To correct the speed you want Effect menu > Change Speed

Experiment with a short selection of audio until you get the right setting, then apply it to the entire recording.

– Bill

How are you recording them?
Are you recording with your “boom box”?

I am recording them on a little Hype player that has an output line that goes into my computer.
This method seems to work:
Effect menu > Change Speed
BUT this is an extra step I don’t want to have to take on all my recordings. Is this a setting I can change from the get-go?


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