Playback Speed Problem

I’m looking for a function that allows me to temporarily increase the playback speed so that I can finish editing audiobooks faster. With Audacity, this has to be activated again and again with a mouse click - since I work with shortcuts and the spacebar only activates the normal playback speed, this is too cumbersome for me. My questions:

  1. does anyone know if and how I can change this in Audacity, that I can activate the faster playback by shortcut?

  2. does anyone know of a similar program that can temporarily increase the playback speed? With Ocenaudio, for example, you can apparently only convert the speed - if you then convert it back, the sound quality suffers greatly.

Can’t be that there is no such thing or that it is so cumbersome to use. After all, for a one-hour audiobook, for example, instead of taking 2 hours to edit, I would perhaps only need half an hour - and that would be worth its weight in gold.

Maybe someone knows further, thanks in advance!

Best regards,

You can add a keyboard shortcut to the command “Play-at-speed”.
See here for how to create custom shortcuts:

Cool, thanks. Just didnt find the shortcut.