Playback speed faster than the recording

I record music and when its played back it goes faster than recorded. New to Audacity so unsure what to do.


You could somehow be recording it a 44.1kHz and then playing back at 48kHz.

Please describe your recording and playback setup.

And… How much faster?

i.e. The difference between 44.1kHz and 48kHz is approximately 10%.

Its like a machine gun going off. When I loaded Apache it played back at correct speed. However, when I recorded a solo track it was fast again. I thought the 44100 rate was to do with quality of sound not speed. But either way it still didn’t work. Thank you

Depending on your hardware, your sampling rate may be fixed or you may be able to adjust it with the Default Format under the Advanced Tab in the Sound Control Panel. See: Redirecting

In most cases all of this is taken care of automatically. In some cases you need to make manual adjustments. When audio is digitized it is “sampled” several thousands of times a second. This is the sampling rate. For CDs, it is typically 44.1kHz. For Video it is typically 48kHz.

Ideally all of your sampling rates will be the same, including Audacity’s Project Rate which you can find under Audio Setup > Audio Settings.