Playback on iPad sounds hollow

Good day folks,
I have recently digitized most of my 45’s to my intel Mac mini. I saved all files as AIFF and did not change any default settings in Audacity. When I put into Apple Music and sync’ed to my iPad (and iPhone) when playing back the audio sounds hollow. It is almost as if its only recording 1 channel butI know both channels were recording. Playback on the Mac mini sounds good. Import into Apple Music is not MP3, I keep it at AIFF. This is the first time after recording music in the same manner that it sounds like this. I admit, I just downloaded the current version on Audacity so I was recording with 2.x. Mac is running Catalina. Any thoughts on this?
Thanks in advance

Is that on the iPad’s built-in speaker(s) or with headphones (or earbuds, etc.)?

If it has a mono speaker the left & right channels are probably out-of-phase and you are getting “vocal remover” effect. (Which kills everything in the “center” including the bass when mixed-down to mono). Or if you have mono a record (lots of 45’s were mono) it will be weak overall with relatively-exaggerated record noise.

If that’s the problem and you don’t do any “weird processing” there is something wrong on the analog-side.

And if that’s the problem (and the only problem) it can be fixed by [u]Split Stereo Track[/u] [CORRECTED] (which allows you to edit left & right separately), then select just one of the channels (it doesn’t matter which one) and [u]Invert[/u].

And if that’s the problem, tell us more about your setup and maybe we can figure out the cause.

What he said. My iPad only has one speaker and gets a mono-mixdown from whatever stereo show arrives. If the Left sound and the Right sound fight each other, you get what you got.

This can drive you nuts when you produce a stereo show for several clients and only some of them can’t play it. Those clients, in this case, are probably listening on a mono device such as iPad or phone.

Describe the record player and connection. I have an older MacBook with fully qualified stereo inputs and outputs, but they’re not all like that.

You can have magic problems, too. If you lose the ground connection on your phonograph tone arm, it may give you very oddly damaged sound.

it can be fixed by Split Stereo to Mono

Wouldn’t you Split Stereo Track, full stop? Leave the channels Left and Right, Flip one of them over, and the show will stay stereo when you export (assuming that’s the only thing wrong).


Wouldn’t you Split Stereo Track, full stop? L

Oops! Right! “Mono” pans both channels to the center. Don’t do that because you’ll loose the stereo.

My setup at the time of recording my 45’s went like this. Phillips 312 turntable into Behringer U-Phono USB device phono grounded to this and set on phono vs line, usb into the mac mini. I have used this same setup before to record one of’s and they seemed to play fine through iPad and iPhone.

Thanks for the assistance all.

So… Did you try inverting one channel?

Have you tried headphones/earphones with the iPad? The relative phase doesn’t matter when the signals aren’t mixed so that should sound normal.

Another experiment is to Split Stereo to Mono without the inversion. If that gives you the “hollow sound” and/or it reduces the vocals & bass, it confirms the out-of-phase problem. If you get good mono (the same sound from both speakers) that’s not the problem.

…This kind of thing can happen with a mis-wired phono cartridge. Something similar can happen with a broken ground but in that case the sound would also be messed-up when played in stereo.