Playback on a Mac with bluetooth head phone

I am using Shokz bluetooth headphones on a Mac book pro
I have used Audacity for quite a few years but never come across this problem before
I can playback mp3 files I have copied before, i have just copied some files from a CD and come to play them back in the mp3 format and get message
“Error opening sound device.
Try changing the audio host, playback device and the project sample rate”

If i play this file back using Quick Time Player or Itunes it plays, but in Audacity it is silent.
I don’t really understand the error message
I have made no changes in audacity for the recording just started the app and recorded.
Any help appriciated, thanks

Audacity does not play well with bluetooth headphones.

My understanding is that the bluetooth protocol allows devices to disconnect and reconnect. When this happens, Audacity does not try to reconnect to the bluetooth device but instead gives the error message.

You can always try Transport (menu) > Rescan Audio Devices.

Thanks for the fast reply, tried a rescan in transport and it worked, cheers.
What i can’t understand is if i played an MP3 i have previously recorded it would go straight into edit, but these new recordings none of them would go to edit.

Anyway well chuffed i can edit nor and thanks again.

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