Playback: No external speaker option available on Mac

I have a new MacBook Air (Big Sur 11.6.1), Audacity version is 3.2.3 .
I have external speakers connected through the minijack.
It works fine with everything (youtube, films etc) - except Audacity.
In Preferences/playback/device the only option is Internal Mac speakers.
Any suggestions?
BR, Carsten

Windows guy here. Try Transport > Rescan Audio Devices before starting Preferences or Audio Setup.

Hi Windows guy, I can’t find Transport > … on my Mac.

So you likely have an older version of Audacity - the current version is 3.2.5.

So after you plug in your external speakers, Audacity > Quit Audacity; wait a few seconds, then try again. Audacity rescans your devices when it first starts up.

By “Transport >” he means the Transport menu in Audacity.

– Bill

Thx Jademan, it works :- )