Playback levels uneven

Hey I´m an¨old fart¨¨and pretty dumb where this Audacity in concerned. However it is a wonderful tool and I am so happy to have it. I have a problem though, I cannot get the playback levels to be equal as one track is OK and the next track is too high or too low. How do I get the recorded tracks to all have equal and level volume¿ I am using Audacity version. 2.1.2

Perceived loudness can be tricky.

Audacity has already pre-scanned your file and Amplify will default to whatever gain (or attenuation) is needed for normalized (maximized) 0dB peaks. So, probably the 1st thing to do is run the Amplify or Normalize effect. (But that may not make them all equally loud).

Where did these “tracks” come from?
Did you record them yourself or are they commercial recordings?
Voice of music?
Is your goal to make them all equally loud, or make them all louder?

The Amplify effect can adjust the volume up or down. The maximum you can get without clipping (without distortion) is determined by the peaks in the file (or the selected audio).

Thank you, I record me singing from a mike hooked through realtek, using a Wharfdale Pro PMX 710 and CD tracks for the music. I sing Southern and Bluegrass Gospel in various areas as the Lord leads and I want to have some CDs to give away. Not trying to make any money, just want to bless. I just want to have a decent CD that folks can enjoy and get closer to the Lord. Thank you and God bless!

Try the “Replay Gain” plugin … ReplayGain plug-in

You won’t get as much loudness as a commercial recording without dynamic compression and limiting, and even with compression & limiting you probably won’t get the same loudness (with as little “damage” as a professional mastering engineer. So, I’ll just assume you want to match the volumes of the songs on CDs so the listener doesn’t have to adjust the volume between songs…

Generally, if you’re making an album or otherwise have a limited number of tracks, it’s best done by ear. (And, sometimes there are supposed to be quiet songs and loud songs.)

The general procedure is:

  • Normalize (amplify/maximize) all of the songs. If they sound equally loud, you’re done.
  • If they don’t sound equally loud, choose the quietest-sounding song as your reference and adjust-down the louder songs to match (the Amplify effect with a negative dB value).


ReplayGain may work, but it’s a computer algorithm trying to analyze human-perceived loudness and it’s intended for an entire music collection, where it’s impossible to by ear. And, since there are many quiet-sounding songs that are already normalized/maximized songs that can’t be boosted without clipping/distortion, ReplayGain has mostly-works by lowering the volume of volume of the loud songs rather than boosting the quiet songs.

…If you don’t completely trust your ears, you can use ReplayGain to double-check and compare the loudness. (It uses a an “unusual” dB scale based on acoustic loudness with positive dB values don’t match the negative dB values that you usually see digitally, but it can be used to compare loudness.)

The optional [u]ACX Check plug-in[/u] gives you the RMS level which makes a reasonable measure of “loudness” as long as you are comparing similar-sounding recordings. Or, [u]dpMeter 4[/u] is a free 3rd-party plug-in that can measure EBU R128 loudness (an international loudness standard for digital recordings/broadcasts).

Sir you are talking way over my head as I am not smart enough to figure out things that would be easy for you. However, you have helped me with some ideas as what to do. I am sure it will help. I have been recording one song at a time to Audacity and then putting that song into my computer to then get ready to put on a CD, and erasing each track as I transfer it to the computer. Now, I´m gonna try recording enough songs for a CD, hold the tracks in Audacity and then adjust them all to the same level. I am not trying to really increase or decrease the volume just get them all the same volume on the CD.
I am from the time period of 8 tracks and at 72 just cannot catch up to the era of such technology. Thank you so much and God bless!!!

If your audience has an internet connection you can put the audio on a host like Soundcloud, rather than make a lot of CDs
https ://
It’s free.