Playback from CD

Why can’t I make my music CD-s playback on my standalone CD player. They are recorded from turntable,saved as .aiff screen and burned from iTunes playing list just as the manual prescribes: “Export >AIFF (Apple) signed 16 bit PCM”, but the CD player will not run - i.e. it starts ok, but stops again immediately, the counter showing 0.00. Please advice!

One of the iTunes burn options is to burn an Audio CD. You didn’t check that box (most likely problem). Koz

I do everything according to manual - still no playback on standalone CD-player. Ok via iTune though.

Have you found the setting in iTunes where you select whether to create an audio CD or a data CD? It should be set for “audio CD” but is probably set to “data CD”.

Like this.
Picture 4.png