Playback Device Causes Drop Outs

Hi All,

I’m using a Focusrite Forte interface, Windows 10, on a souped up gaming PC with plenty of hard drive space. Whenever I record with the Forte as the playback device I get drop-outs in the recording, whenever I change the output device to something else it works fine. Downside is the other playback device is my monitor and has no headphone jack, making the entire set up useless (frustrating to say the least).

I’ve synced the bit rate and HZ on Windows, on the interface and in Audacity, I’ve tried all my different host options (MME, WASAPI, and Microsoft Direct Sound). Nothing seems to work. I’ve also been all over the forum and haven’t been able to find a similar topic. Does anyone have any ideas??

Check in the Windows Sounds control panel, in both the Recording and Playback tabs, that the Focusrite Forte is using the same “sample rate” as Audacity. By default, Audacity uses a sample rate of 44100.