Play through volume won't increase

Hello- trying to figure out why the play through volume will not increase. Worked fine and could listen to lps as loud as I wanted while recording; not sure what happened and now I max out the volume bars but sound does not get any louder through my speakers. On top of it the waveform is miniscule and seems to cut out. Running Windows 10 with Audio Technica AT-LP 120USB turntable; also using realtek audio and all updates current on PC and Audacity; have gone through any troubleshooting applications (including unistalls/reinstalls) and nothing has fixed the issue. Previous recordings seem to be fine and volume appears to work correctly. It’s just if I attempt to use the computer volume controls it doesn’t do anything. Any help is appreciated. This has been days of frustration!!

Make sure [u]Windows Enhancements[/u] are turned off.

The AT- LP120-USB is known to have a low recording level (which is better than a too-high recording level). Since the analog-to-digital converter is built into the turntable and there is no recording volume control, you can’t adjust the analog signal before it’s digitized.

Ok so that relates to the recording volume. Why is the actual play through volume not adjusting? When testing external speakers they are quite loud yet the Audacity volume will not match it.