Play/skip buttons through plugins

Ok so in older versions I was able to play/pause/skip with my plug in open, now there’s just a button for preview. Keyboard keys don’t work for skipping through nor does just skipping a section with the scrubber. Am I missing something here? I’ve stuck with audacity for over 6 years now because it made mixing a breeze but now It’s going to take forever to preview a whole vocal take OVER AND OVER AND OVER while mixing. I tried reverting to an older version but then ran into the ffmpeg problem though I hadn’t deleted all the files out of my computer. I might just do that now and see if it works today. But I’d like to keep my program up to date so if there’s a setting I’m missing to turn that on I’ll gladly come back to 3.2

The realtime effect functionality has been moved to the effects button to the left of the track: