Play reverb effect while singing?

Hey guys, Is there any way I can hear myself with a reverb live while singing/recording? I have a professional mic+sound-card but not a recording room. The idea is to try and help myself sound as if I am in a closed room with a reverb but in a way where I can control it within the software the amount needed (I don’t have reverb options on the external sound card).

Or if someone could tell me how much % of room size to put in reverb in effects to get that tiny minimal effect because I still want to get a raw vocal recording. Thanks Folks :slight_smile:


Audacity does not have “real time” effects. The recording is always “dry” (exactly what the sound system gives it without modification).
In Audacity you apply effects after recording.

Because effects permanently change the audio, it is a good idea to make a backup copy of each recorded track before you start processing or editing it. This way, if you mess up, you have a backup copy that you can import rather than having to re-record. To make a backup copy of a track, select the track so that it is highlighted (if it is one continuous audio track then you can just double click on the waveform to select it), then from the File menu select “Export Selection”. Export the backup as a WAV file.