Play button won't play, instead...

Hi guys, thanks in advance for any answer, this might be just me learning how to use the software but,

every now and then when I bring the timeline to the beginning of the song, something happens that it doesn’t work any more, then when I click play stays in playing status and just go to the dragged selection part , goes to the last selection I did I guess…

its like I press something, I dont know what it is, and it doesnt play music any more

any suggestions ?

Sorry but I’ve read that multiple times and I still don’t understand what you are trying to say.
Start by telling the exact version of Audacity you are using and which version of Windows. Then break it down, step by step, what you are doing, and what is happening.

I fixed the problem restarting my PC everytime it happends

What I was trying to say its, when you click the Play button, it doesnt play and the progress vertical line goes to the initial position of the last selection you did, click Play again and it doesnt play neither, not even the selection

but nevermind

Next time it happens, check that your computer is not busy doing other things, check that the USB cable is connected securely, then from the “Transport” menu select “Rescan Audio Devices”. Wait a few moments while Audacity checks your audio devices, then ensure that the correct audio device is selected in the device toolbar.