Play button doesn't work.[SOLVED]

RE: Audacity 2.0.2 on Mac OSX 10.8.2 (Mt. Lion) – Note: this is the first time I’ve used Audacity on my new iMac; have used it a lot before on my old Windows PC.

I’ve recorded a music file (via USB turntable) and saved the project. When I open the project and press the Play button, nothing happens: the cursor doesn’t advance; no sound; nada! I can’t find anything in the manual, etc. to explain what I’m doing wrong.

Do you see “error opening sound device”? Are you selecting the correct output device in the Audacity Device Toolbar (that is, not the USB turntable)?

If all else fails, try resetting audacity.cfg , or the Windows panacea for all ills - reboot. It can work on Mac, too.


Hello – thanks for your help. It now works! :slight_smile: There were no error messages and the output device was correct; resetting the audacity.cfg file didn’t help, but rebooting the computer did – I never would have thought the Windows Cure-all would work on a Mac. Good to know – although it sort of bothers me that my Mac works like a PC! :smiley: