Play-back to speakers compositions recorded in MIDI with Piano only

Hello…If you could answer in FRENCH would be great…if not I should understand.

I am new to this Technology, really NEW.

I recorded my compos on my Digital Piano only…which records in MIDI only. Copied unto USB key.

Want to continue singing and playing in Homes for the aged…without bringing my Piano…very heavy. Want to bring only Lap-Top…microphone…small amp and USB key, etc…


After downloading Audacity on Lap-Top…

Will I be able to CONVERT all my music which is in MIDI now (on my USB key)…CONVERT to AUDIO format…using AUDACITY software…?

On my phone…as a test…I downloaded a software that reads MIDI files…plugged in my USB key in my phone…but I am loosing so much…not the real sounds, missing parts, missing special effects…in other words…TERRIBLE.

Please help me…and be precise in your answers.

Thank you very much,


Not exactly. MIDI is a kind of command language that tells synthesizers, samplers and other devices what to do. For example, when you press Middle C on a MIDI keyboard, the keyboard issues a “Note On” command to tell the attached synth / sampler to play Middle C.

You can use Audacity to record audio from an electronic keyboard. See: