Play Back Pauses and Skips

Can anyone explain why there are so many pauses and skips when I play back a recording or why I get drop outs when I record? My last update was the big 3.2 back in September. I stopped updating because the 3.2 caused so many issues that I didn’t have before so I’m worried about what else will happen. Thanks!

Yes. I know the feeling. There were some smart-clip “features” introduced in 3.2 that could contribute to these issues.

I would say revert to 3.1.3, but unfortunately your .aup3 project may already be irreversibly bloated. Let me recommend this.

  1. Download and install the latest version (currently 3.3.2)
  2. Load your .aup3 project
  3. Ctrl-A to select everything, then Ctrl-C to “Copy”
  4. File > New
  5. Ctrl-V to paste everything into the new project.
  6. When the “Paste audio” appears, select “Selected audio only”.


  1. Then save your new project.

For some people the new project may be fractions of the size of the other one and will behave much more responsively.

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