Play at speed future, voice changes to chipmunk?

When I use play at speed feature, the voice changes than Normally sounds, if i play at speed with slower rate the voice is different, if played at faster rate the voice sounds like chipmunk…etc…

I searched a bit, and only found effect>change speed feature, which is changing whole song speed and saving it at that speed

I just want Play Speed with No-Chipmunk voice
While editing sometimes I want to play at slow speed to find Exact time, then sometimes faster speed…etc
not looking to change speed and save file

If you mean that you want to change the speed without changing the pitch, then use the “Change Tempo” effect:

Use the “Preview” button on the “Change Tempo” effect and do not click the “OK” button.

im not talking about effect → change tempo, i dont want to preview song at slower rate

Im talking about play at speed feature, added image

I dont voice to change while Im using this{image} feature, any way to to that
gxcg - Copy.png


I saw today update really cool.
please see if possible, add this feature
that using [play at speed option] wont change voice to chipmunk