Plain piano recordings with Audacity?

Hi, I like Audacity a lot, especially the possibility to edit wave recordings. I’m trying to find out if I can record live piano music like these ones in Audacity (g.e. Bad Habits or Easy on Me):

If I have a good pair of microphones and a freshly tuned piano, is it realistic that I can create audio recordings similar like the ones above or do I need professional software like one of the DAWs (Logic, ProTools)? I really want to just record plain piano sound without any other instruments or additional production?

I never used to like grand pianos and it turned out the reason was I always heard them in living rooms or other tiny spaces. I got to play one in the enormous, tall scene-dock of a theatrical staging area and they had to pry me away to go home.

Do you have an enormous, tall performance area? It’s nice to think you can buy your way into perfect recordings with microphones and cables, but one sure way to sound like you’re performing in a bathroom, is to perform in a bathroom.

What kind of piano and what are the microphones? Can you tell if your computer is on just by listening? One serious problem with USB microphones is the inability to separate them from the computer—and you can only use one at a time.

I had a grand upright whose top would pop and the front would pull forward. That helped a lot although microphone positioning was a chore.


Thx for the answer. I have the same concern, that my living room is too small for good recordings, even though it’s just a normal piano and not a grand. I assume I should do just a recording to get an idea, how reflective the walls are. Hmmm, at worst I should go in a studio and pay for recording time :frowning:((

Thanks anyways.

A midi keyboard would probably be cheaper than studio time
The room you play it in does not effect the sound recorded.

[ Audacity does not host virtual musical instruments, but could be used to record & edit the performance ]