Placing generated sounds with click

Would it be possible to place selected generated sound with the mouse click on the timeline?
And that it snaps to certain point.

When you select the sounds, you have to switch to time shift tool to place it in certain position. With mouse it would be more practical and faster.

Can copy & paste, just like a word-processor, ctrl+c. ctrl+v

Ah, thanks. This is fatser.
Let’s say you create a tone with one frequency. In LMMS, you can select which tone in the left piano roll sidebar and quicky place it in timeline.
I think this would be faster. In Audacity you have to create different tone, type in different frequency in order to be placed.
This new UI would be faster to use with tones.

Those are MIDI events, not “sounds”. Manipulating MIDI events in that kind of way is relatively easy - much more difficult with “sounds”.

I was thinking on new UI with new tones of various frequency which can be placed very fast. When you click on one key, it places one sound with with specific fequency 1 second on timeline. When you press another key, it sequentially adds another sound, etc.
If you hover over the key,you could hear the sound of that frequency just like in the preview. But it’s faster to produce a melody that way.