Placing Audacity Files on Gdrive for another user

Good Day all,

Being Brand new to the Audacity family. I attempted to upload a audacity file with its associated data folder to a shared google drive for another user to use and edit. However the other end gets all kinds of errors. Sort of looks like the blue screen of death for windows. Both ends are using 2.0.5 for windows. I have the feeling I am not the first one with this dilemma.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

I have the feeling I am not the first one with this dilemma.

You’re the first so far.
Did you use punctuation marks in the filenames? Anything like that which could confuse the transfer system? Did the filenames come through exactly as they left?

Next time you try this, ZIP the show and send the ZIP file.


Restart your machine, bring your files back down and see if you can open them.


There is an article here about moving / sending Audacity projects:
It is essential that the AUP file and its associated _data folder remain together.

If Google Drive supports ZIP archive files, then a good way to send a project is:

  1. Before you start the project, create a directory to save the project in.
  2. Open Audacity and select “File > Save Project As” and save the project into the folder that you created.
  3. Make your project.
  4. “File menu > Check Dependencies”. If any dependencies are listed, choose to copy them into the project.
  5. Save the project.
  6. Close Audacity (removes temporary files from the project saved in step 5)
  7. Make a ZIP archive of the entire folder that was created in step 1.

You can then send the ZIP archive, which contains all of the necessary parts of the project (and will be substantially smaller than the uncompressed project).
Before the recipient can use the project they will need to extract the ZIP file onto their computer.

One other note: avoid using non-standard characters in file names. For best portability, use only letters, numbers, space and underscore. Avoid using any punctuation characters.

It’s also best to close the project after save it. Otherwise “orphan” block files" will be in your recipient’s project which are the files for any Undo/Redo actions in the project while it is still open.


Ah yes, I forgot to write that step.
I’ve added it to my previous post.

It’s not necessary to close after the other “Save” / “Save As” steps.

What do you consider closing the project? Closing the application? Koz

I think you only need to select “File > Close”, but given that it is the final step before zipping up and posting, you may as well shut down the application (which is what I generally do when I have finished working with Audacity).

Yes File > Close is all that is needed.