Pitch Warp

Hello! I am looking for a way to automate pitch bending. I’m trying to bend it up a bit, and then go back down, and have this repeat across the entire selection. Is this possible? (I’m trying to go for an overplayed tape effect) Thanks in advance!

Try the Tremolo effect. Try a low frequency (less than 1Hz), and use 100% wet.

The tremolo seems to only affect volume, not pitch. If volume was replaced with pitch, it would be perfect.

Time Tracks if you want to warp speed as well as pitch.

Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift to only affect pitch.


You want Vibrato for a cassettePlayer-eats-tape warble. This plugin for Audacity by Steve offers both … TremVib.ny , see … https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/off-center-filter/20260/2

Works perfectly! Thank you!