Pitch-shifting only specific sections of a song?

I’m working on a cover version of a song that sounds “Bluesy” but is based on the I-III-IV (E-G-A) instead of the I-IV-V (E-A-B). I’d like too see how it would sound if I reimagined it as a full-on I-IV-V Blues; is there a way to only pitch shift the III-IV sections up a step? The tutorials I’ve seen for Audacity all call for applying the effect to the entire track and I haven’t had any luck highlighting just those sections.


How many instruments are playing at once? If the number is over 1, then you’re stuck. We can’t pull one instrument out of a mixed performance and mess with it. We can change the pitch of multiple instruments all at once, but the effect rarely sounds very good over about a note or two.

To illustrate the problem, if you use Effect > Change Pitch, not only does the piano note go up, but the hammer impact sound does, too. The impact never changes normally and it just sounds funny. If you’re on a wind instrument, your breath goes up along with the note.

You can use labels to mark the performance. Labels are magnetic or sticky and make it easy to drag-select a portion of the show.


Once you drag-select a portion, most of the effects will only take place there.


To apply an effect to part of a track “select” the part that you want to apply the effect to (Selecting Audio - Audacity Manual), then apply the effect.

Both of the previous comments are correct. It sounds like you only have one instrument, or are at least able to have multiple instruments in separate files that you can pitch shift individually before compiling them together. However, it might be easier to just try it out by pitch shifting as you play to determine if you like it.