pitch shift

What settings would you use to add a bass line to a song in C/G/F from a six string ,electric to sound super deep. no tempo change just a deeper bass sound on another track with a few bass runs. Every thing I do makes it sound weird.

Audacity has two different pitch-shift effects , each adds weird artefacts …
Change Pitch” & “Sliding time scale/pitch shift” the latter is more musical.

“-50%” drops the pitch by an octave.

+1 for Trebor’s answer.

thanks guys, what I was looking for

ok still can not get the full octave lower with a true tone. I want no tempo change just to add a bass string here and there and try to sound like a super deep bass, do I leave settings at preset then only lower the final pitch or what, I can not figure this out. I have most of this program figured out and get super clean recordings now and love it. I probably just need to buy a bass guitar.

Shifting the pitch down in Audacity will only be an approximation of a true bass guitar : inevitably the processing will make it sound a little computery.

Midi sequencing software can provide you with the sound of any instument.

Some midi software will translate the note you play on the guitar into another instrument in real-time …

[ Audacity does not speak midi ]

It’s the same problem as trying to shift a human voice. All the sounds your face makes do not shift.

The touch, the strike, the release and in some cases the resonance of the string shift very little between instruments. If you try it, it will sound other-worldly (or computer-y) You can shift the musical note without shifting everything else, but you have to do it note at a time.

So you’re right. Record an actual bass.


haven’t had the extra cash to buy the bass I prefer,but borrowed a Radio Shack organ to fill in the dead spots. have never played organ before, but I may dig it. heres a little sample

This is what pitch-shifting guitar down by an octave sounds like using Audacity’s “sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift”.

sliding Time Scale- Pitch Shift settings.png

IMO that needs dynamic range compression, e g. …