Pitch Correction

So I found the pitch correction in AUDACITY , It says my Natural Voice is

Natural Voice is A#/Bb ,

so to me that left 2 logical Options , tune to standard A or standard B , I Used both and A sounded so awesome.

So where on Earth does this stereotype or logic come in where soon as you use AUTOTUNE

it makes your voice into something you could never realistically recreate live on stage ?

To me this is the same thing as Tuning your Guitar Strings.

Effect > Change Pitch?

You are warned that Change Pitch only works well over a limited number of notes, like maybe 2 or 3.

Not all parts of your voice change when your pitch goes up and down. For example, if a large man and my kid sister whispered at you, you may not be able to tell who’s who. But the instant they say words, you know. Change Pitch would try to change the whisper, too. It changes everything.

Several of the Audacity tools read like a gift from the angels, but turn out to not be that great in real life.


My Voice is rather flat to begin with ,

Basically , it stays the same note / style , So perhaps that’s why it’s working well so far with me :mrgreen: :laughing:

Autotune can be instructed to shift the singer’s voice to notes they could not hit.
e.g. it’s fed the tune via midi and will force the singer’s voice to fit …

Ah okay so I was smart from the start by taking an A#/Bb and it made it Standard A or Standard B.