Pitch changes when opening project in Audacity 3.5

@LWinterberg I’m also having the same issue as @fraser111 and can assure you I haven’t changed the sample rate or tempo or anything like that as these are features I would never use. Like @PWRinds, I also have a podcast episode of two women who sound like very slow speaking men! What is being done about this?

Edited to add: I’ve just discovered you can’t email Audacity support, so going deeper into my problem here: This isn’t the only issue, the tracks have all moved around and the audio that plays doesn’t even match the waveform and the project length has changed, so if a client ever wants to make any amendments, I will no longer be able to make changes, rendering your product completely unusable in the future.

@dozzzzer I followed the PM instructions provided by @kozikowski, however I don’t see “Message” to click on. Here are screenshots of what I see…

First click on “dozzzzer” returns the following:

I have to put the second screenshot in another reply per the forum permissions notification.

After having to wait another 22 seconds before I could post again…

Second click on “dozzzzer” from the screenshot above returns the following:

Please advise. Thanks!

@LWinterberg I had already provided you the response that the sample rate did not change in the corrupted file we are using. Please move on from this path as sample rate is not the culprit. Thanks!

@mcfish The project length has changed because your audio is now longer due to the impacted pitch and tempo. We only had to go back and modify pitch and tempo on a single 1 hour episode, so my podcast partner took that on and what she did is noted in the thread above with screenshot included. Other older files were in fact corrupted as well, but we had already published those episodes. I ended up downgrading back to 3.4.2 for editing future recordings and the instructions are in the thread above on how to remove all 3.5.1 artifacts and downgrade to 3.4.2. Unfortunately, using 3.4.2 did not change the issues with the corrupted files - those are still hosed, but like I said, it really only impacted one unreleased episode - which was bad enough.

I have a similar issue, it is the sample rate changing for me, and with it where the tracks were cut also gets totally messed up.

I find it consistently happening when I use a 48000 Hz sample rate track (for example) in my Audacity project, and exit the project without saving the new changes I made, opening the old project save always gets desynchronised, tracks get changed to 44100 Hz and their lengths and cuts go wrong and may overlap each other.

Is there a way to recover the project without readjusting and re-cutting all of the tracks that were messed up?

So just to update this thread on it: We’re investigating this. In the projects sent to far, we spotted some clips stacked on top of each other, which should never happen. No fix yet though.

Excellent, thank you so much!! I also noticed stacked clips too.

Same here - I literally imported multiple mp3 tracks, saved the project and found later that day the pitch and tempo had slowed. This happened to at least 2 projects, still in discovery mode.