pipe organ recording

I’m using Windows 10 with Audacity 2.1.2 which was downloaded as an exe file. I use an Audient id14 for my preamp and a Rode NT 4 for my mic. I have my placement set in the room and I’m happy with recording levels.
Has anyone experienced what I can only describe as a crescendo as the file plays back? I’ve tried experimenting with compression, but I’m now not sure that is the problem. Once I click the record button it takes me about 3 seconds to begin play. Every file I’ve recorded has an increase in gain which might last for eight to ten seconds before the level seems to level out.
I also tried a trial version of WavePad and had the same results.
Any ideas out there?

Audacity doesn’t apply effects, filters, or corrections during recording and it’s probably a safe bet the microphone doesn’t. The preamp and any associated drivers probably don’t, but unless you shut them down, Windows tries to apply voice, environment and echo corrections.


These settings can change depending on your machine, so be sure you get them all.


thanks for the fast reply - much appreciated!

Do post back with your correction. Remember, it’s a forum, not a help desk.


I found several things to shut down in Windows 10 - shut off enhancements for the Realtek sound card. Also shut off enhancements for the Realtek microphone though I’m not using that in recording. Under Sound - Communications, I turned off the computer ability to limit anything using a computer phone call. Better results!