Pioneer CDJ to PC NO LINE IN!

so i plugged in my rca cables to the record out on my pioneer cdj’s and then the other end of the cable the single end into the line in (blue plug-in) on the back of my computer but when i open up audacity and go to edit > preferences > audio I/O > recording then it doesnt show me the LINE IN/MIC IN !! wwhat do i do please help me???

You missed a step in the middle.

Plug your equipment into the Blue Line-In connection.

Open the Windows Control Panels and switch to Line-In.

Windows Control Panel

Then launch or re-launch Audacity and the Line-In or Default should work.


i checked out your help and it still doesnt work i updated drivers and they were all up to date and i used my regular home computer plus also 2 lab tops and it does not display the line-in! so what do i do??? please help me

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, recording devices (like “line in”) can be invisible, (not shown in the list of recording devices), but can be made to appear …

It is common on Vista and 7 that not all recording inputs are automatically enabled in the Recording tab. This means they are invisible in that tab, and also invisible to recording applications like Audacity. So you need to make them visible, then enable and make default the one you want to use, thus …

Vista-7, show (invisible) devices.jpg