Pink noise help

Hi everyone,
I am new to audacity and I would like someone to help me with something. Can I generate pink noise on top of an existing audio frequency while still retaining that frequency in the audio. For example , I want to generate a 3 minute 440 Hz sine wave tone but because it sounds unpleasant to hear that, can I mask that sound with pink noise and still have the 440 Hz frequency in the audio or will it just replace the wave tone with normal pink noise.

Generate > Tone: Sine, 400 Hz, 0.3 Amplitude, 3 minutes. > OK.

De-select that tone by clicking outside of the timeline.

Generate > Noise: Pink, Amplitude 0.3, Duration 3 min. > OK.

Unless you stop them with the MUTE and SOLO buttons on the left, those will play at the same time and export into a single mono sound file which will play to both left and right speakers in a stereo system.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 1.35.56.png

Thanks koz…just curious what would happen if I was to generate the 400 Hz tone and then click on select all and after that generate pink noise…would that have cancelled out the 440 Hz tone…And with regards to your suggestion…would I still be hearing the sine wave tone or would it be pink noise sound only…


Optional steps following on from kozikowsky’s reply:
“Ctrl + A” (select All)
“Tracks menu > Mix > Mix and Render” (mixes the selected tracks into one track).

If there is a selection in one or more audio tracks, the “Generate” effects replace the selection with the newly generated sound.

It will have replaced the 440 Hz tone, so you will hear the pink noise only.

Thanks for the help everyone :smiley: