picture of Audacity logo

Hello, i use audacity as editor to do electronic music… I have some tracks and my friend thanks to me use Auda too and we want to hawe a site with logo of Audacity and i asking: in which cotext can be the program logo… can we use it free too? :unamused: Can be here something like :“made in Audacity?”
We want to be original. So if somebody have this logo on his site u can post a link us as exaple…

I think I would screen-capture the logo and post it until somebody stops me. Do you have a pixel size target for your picture? How big do you want the image? Do you have Photoshop?


Moderators: This is our “official” answer which you can use anytime.

If you would like to use an image of the Audacity logo on your web site, please use one of these which includes our trademark:

rectangular white background Photoshop format 506 x 200:

rectangular white background PNG 506 x 200:

rectangular white background with description PNG 506 x 280:

rectangular white background PNG 253 x 100:

square white background Photoshop format 163 x 159 :

square white background PNG 163 x 159:

Please include a link back to our main site (you can make the image into the link too).

The first time you mention the word “Audacity” in the page please follow it with the trademark, so that it reads Audacity(R) or Audacity®.

You are welcome to use screenshots from our web site, documentation, or those you took of the Audacity program on your site, but if you do, please make a citation respecting our copyright and trademark as follows:

“Audacity(R) software is copyright (c) 1999-2014 Audacity Team.
Web site: http://audacityteam.org/. [It is free software
distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.]
The name Audacity(R) is a registered trademark of Dominic Mazzoni.”

The section inside [ ] is optional. Note the first and last sentences must be presented exactly as above, without any additional text interspersed into them. The citation could be in small font or as a footnote.


The .PNG images are “Page Not Found”. I presume that they have moved somewhere else?

Yes - those were transparent images and the policy now recommends “white background” images instead.

I updated the list.