Piano recording -> sound distortion ?

Hi all, I’m new with audacity 2.0.2,
I’ve tried different recording options, but when I record the piano (through the minijack micro input), the sound progressively loses quality, i don’t know if “distortion” is the right term.
Here is how it sounds : http://www.tempfiles.net/download/201210/269783/leptest1-dubl-avec-MME.html

Any advice please ? thanks!

EDIT : thanks Koz, it worked

Two problems. If you’re recording the Line-Out or Headphone Out of your keyboard, they’re both too powerful for the Mic-In of your Windows Laptop. In addition, Mic-In is usually mono, not stereo. If that’s not how you’re recording the music, then we can go to step two.

Windows naturally assumes you’re trying to make a Business Conference Call. Since you’re not, you should turn Windows Enhanced Services off.