Physically Delete Blank Space at End of Track

I successfully deleted the end of a track by selecting the part I want to delete and then pressing ctrl-K. However, this space was not physically removed from the project. How can I physically remove this deleted part?

The reason I want to delete the space physically: the project is very large (over 1 GB) and the section at the end I want to delete is substantial, about 20% of the entire project.

How I know the space is not physically deleted: the sizes of the AUP3 files before and after the delete are approximately the same. It seems the AUP3 file would be smaller after deleting a large section of the track.

I am using Audacity 3.4.2 on a PC, Win/10.

The .aup3 file is an “Audacity Project” file, not a music file. You need to export the music (or whatever you recorded) to .mp3, .aiff, .wav - or any other music format.

–The .aup3 file is an “Audacity Project” file, not a music file.
Yes, I understand.
When I delete a large portion of the audio track, the .aup3 file does not get smaller. I’m asking if there is anything I can do to make the .aup3 file smaller after deleting a section of the audio track.

Even when you delete part of a clip, the entire clip is still stored in the Audacity project so that you can later extend the clip to recover the deleted portion. Try copying the shortened clip and pasting it into a new project; you should see a dialog box asking if you want to paste a “smart clip” or “selected audio only”. Pick “selected audio only”. Then copy and paste it back into your original project and delete the old clip.


Yes, that is clear. I see that the only way to remove that space physically is to copy and paste to a new project.
Thank you!

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