Physical Interface for Audacity Instead of Keyboard

New to Audacity and could use some thoughts :slight_smile: (Audacity 2.1.0)

I’m trying to make a physical interface to control Audacity rather than using a keyboard and mouse - ambitious I know! I want to make an audio recording, apply simple effects such as changing frequency, tempo and amplitude, and playback. At the moment, the way I am doing this is by using keyboard shortcuts and a MaKey Makey. It’s pretty fun! I’ve got all the functions working but what I’m struggling with is the tab key. Say you open the amplitude window, I want to be able to go directly to the slider and press ‘up’ and ‘down’ to change the amplitude. But I haven’t been able to change the tab key shortcut in keyboard preferences. Is there another keyboard shortcut I can use do you think? Or should I take a different approach (e.g. script) so that the sliders are automatically highlighted when the window opens?

Any thoughts and ideas would be great! I’m more of a physical electronics person than a programming person :slight_smile: Thank you!

Indeed - Audacity does not support control surfaces. Those usually rely on MIDI messages but Audacity does not support MIDI input.

Use for what? TAB is used by Audacity to navigate the controls in dialogues. So after opening Amplify, TAB will move into the slider and so TAB is not available as a keyboard shortcut in Audacity.

However in the case of Amplify, simply hitting ENTER (without using TAB) makes the peak volume of the track 0 dB (as loud as it can be without clipping).

In some effects such as Reverb or Bass and Treble, you can use access keys to navigate controls. If the effect supports access keys for its controls, pressing ALT will underline the keys that can be used with ALT.