Phantom Powered Mics dis-connecting me from internet

This is so quirky, I’m a little afraid to post. I’m new to using Audacity although I’ve worked with other recording programs. I am using Audacity 2.1.0. I am recording using a Berhringer 802 mixer with phantom powered mics. I am plugging into the computer “direct in” input from the mixer, and plugging headphones into computer phones out. I am getting a good sound recording acoustic guitar with stereo mics. (both phantom powered). However, every time I use the program, it winds up kicking me off the internet for a couple of days. My computer is plugged directly to ATT (I’ve since learned to reset everything by unplugging my ATT Uverse box and then plugging back in after about 10 minutes. (It also affects other computers in the house that are wireless and therefore affects other people in the house). I was just wondering if anybody else has had any experiences like this. Naturally I don’t want to have to reset my computer every time I use the program. And I don’t know if this could be damaging my computer somehow. It’s so quirky. I am totally miffed. Thanks for any help,
Les L

So to make my wife happy, I tightened up the license plate bolt. Not only did the car start, but the clock, that hasn’t worked in three years started going round and round.

I think the very first thing I would do is go down to the hardware store and pick up an electrical socket tester. This is in the US, I have no idea how Britain does it.

In general it has three lights on it and the correct two have to light up for the socket to be good. Both houses I’ve lived have had at least one socket wired wrong. The test is positive for a bad socket. If it says bad, you should get it looked at, probably sooner is good. Click the graphic.

I think you just happened to hit the right combination of plugs, sockets and sound connections to produce a dangerous condition. I worked with a rock band once and we rehearsed in an old garage. The bass player would get hit every time his lips touched the metal microphone. I took me a while to track down that power socket cross. Apparently, been there for years.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 8.12.54 PM.png

In case I didn’t say it in English words, test all the power sockets. Go through the whole house, eventually, but pay particular attention to the ones used by the computer system and maybe other electronics. If you’re using a power strip (Waber Strip), test that, too.

The test may not work in the bathroom with its ground fault interrupters. If you have a bath new enough to have interrupters, chance are it’s good to go as it is.


For UK…

Thank you for replying. I will try and order a socket tester. When you say “a dangerous condition”. That would mean dangerous in what way?
By the way, I think I forgot to mention I am running Windows Vista. Don’t know if that is bad.
Les L

That would mean dangerous in what way?

If wall socket wiring is reversed, the metal case of your computer equipment could be connected to the house power instead of ground. When you said “I do this and all my computers go nuts”, it could mean that hazardous voltages are going down your computer wires instead of regular, harmless computer signals.

In extreme conditions, you could touch two computers at the same time and get a shock.


I went right to that because it’s extremely unlikely that Windows Vista could do something simple and create that much damage. It’s a red flag.


Thanks for all your posts. I still don’t know what to do. As a last desperate measure. I think I’m going to give AT&T (I’m with ATT U-verse) a call to see if they might have any answers.
Thanks, Les L

Dear readers of this forum. Thanks again for all the post concerning my post about getting kicked off the internet whenever I use phantom power mics or even just plug my headphones in the the headphone out on the computer: The problem was eventually fixed by having AT&T come out and replace the old U-verse box. Since the problem was their fault, it didn’t cost me a cent. I hope this is useful for anyone else having this same problem.
Les L

The problem was eventually fixed by having AT&T come out and replace the old U-verse box

But they didn’t say what was wrong with it?

ATT just said the U-verse box was old and needed to be replaced.

I’ve since learned to reset everything by unplugging my ATT Uverse box and then plugging back in after about 10 minutes.

Still, a bad internet connection doesn’t create that much damage. Maybe a bad power system was one of its failures. The servicing people would not have stopped to diagnose it. They would pull a couple of system checks and if it didn’t pass instantly (no 10 minute wait), out the door.

Just so everything is OK now.