Phantom Audacity issue on Macbook Pro / Sierra

I’m working on a MacBook Pro running Sierra 10.12.6 with Audacity 2.2.2

After a couple of crash recoveries due to a faulty power connector socket issue and the battery no longer holding a decent charge. After restarting the machine, when trying to open Audacity I get the prompt ‘Audacity is already running’ although it is clearly not! Shutting down and restarting several times the same problem persists, Force quit shows ‘finder’ as only active program… however the prompt box says ‘the system detects a copy of audacity is already running’… but is nowhere to be found… Can anybody help me with this as it appears I am currently locked out form accessing any of my projects.

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A quick note. You should consider very strongly not upgrading to MacOS Catalina (the latest version at this writing). Catalina does not support Audacity with the grace and speed you’ve come to expect. Audacity can be forced to work, but it’s not pretty.