Perfect tone Fades loss after 4 seconds

I am recording tracks and it sounds perfect and after 4 seconds i loose all quality in my recording. I dont know how to fix this problem, could it have to do with my sound card. Any information would be helpful. Thanks Chris

It’s most likely a combination of your sound card and Windows (I bet you’re using Windows).
Go into the “Sounds” settings in the Windows Control Panel and turn off all “enhancement” effects for your sound card. Look out specifically for “Echo cancellations”, “Noise Reduction” or anything like that.

Yes, “echo cancellation” and/or “noise reduction” features on the sound card can be the cause, turn off these filter when recording music.

Windows comes out of the box trying to help you perform an audio conference. This is the last thing you want if you’re trying to do a straight music recording.

Windows Enhanced Sound