Pentium N6000

Hi, i’m looking at buying a cheap windows 10 laptop which has an Intel Pentium N6000 processor, 4 Gb ram 1.1ghz with up to 3.1 ghz boost. Is this likely to be powerful enough to run Audacity for long periods without issues or affecting performance or would this be too underpowered ? I understand that minn sytem requirments are 2 Gb ram & 1 ghz.

I’ve not used an N6000, but I’d expect that the processor will be sufficient.
Windows 10 can be rather memory hungry, so I’d recommend more RAM (8 GB) if you can stretch to it.

Also, an SSD makes a huge improvement to the performance of Windows - since using a laptop with a SSD, I’d hate to go back to one that only has a hdd. This mostly benefits running Windows and launching apps. Audacity should still work fine with a hdd, though writing large files will be slower.