Peak value problem

I realized a track for a compilation using Audacity. Sounds good for me, but I received from the label messages telling me :
“The file comes with “headroom” - PEAK value can’t be higher than -6 dBTP - How much is the dBTP in the track you sent?”

How can I fix this?

My music is experimental/noise.
Thank you in advance!

You can get Effect > Amplify to tell you what your peak value is. Run Amplify and look at the top number. Then, if you wish, type -6 in the bottom number—new peak value. OK and the new peak value of your song will be -6 or whatever value you wish.

Conversion in and out of MP3 or other compressed formats can cause small volume errors, so in some jobs I use -6.5, very slightly quieter, rather than -6.

Amplify does not create sound distortion like some of the processing tools. It’s a simple volume change.


Thanks, Koz!