PC - Poor quality recording with Blue Yeti microphone


I have a problem with my setup when I do recordings. I own a Blue Yeti microphone which sounds great when my headphones are directly plugged into them, but when I plug my headphones into my PC and listen it sounds really bland. The same goes for recording with Audacity. Currently I am using on board sound with a ASRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard, will buying a sound card fix this issue? Also I am using USB 3 for the microphone.

Why is this happening?

My theories are either
the sound quality is lost when transmitting from mic to my PC or;
the sound quality isn’t lost but when played through my PC it sounds crap because I haven’t got a sound card.

I want to do some recordings of vocals and acoustic instruments so the sound quality must be as good as I can achieve. If the quality of the recordings are as good as the quality outputted by the headphone amplifier on the Blue Yeti than I will be very happy.

Thanks All.

Actually I’m not sure soundcard would be the issue, because recordings of a blueyeti from youtube sound better than my own recordings…

Is my BlueYeti faulty? :frowning:

Anyway to send the signal through the jack to my PC since the jack sounds very nice.

If you play back the recording with your headphones plugged into the Mic, how does it sound?

The jack output on the mic is a no latency real-time output, so I cannot make a recording on my computer and listen through the mic. However the jack output sounds much better and is the desired quality I am after, it seems weird to me that this output would be of better quality.
Perhaps I can use this 3.5 jack output as my primary source to record with?

You should be able to listen to a recording via headphones connected to the mic. You would need to set the playback output device in the device toolbar to the USB option. This option should be available to allow “overdub” recording (with zero latency on the signal being recorded).

Awesome, I didn’t know I was able to do this. It’s quite late at the moment so I’m going to head to bed but I’ll do some testing tomorrow and get back to you. Thanks heaps for the tip :slight_smile: