PC input device problem

Hi. I’ve been using Audacity for years on a variety of makes and models and OS’s of windows PCs. I just bought a refurbished Lenovo M82 running windows 7 pro. I just installed Audacity 2.2.2. The “recording device” pull-down was empty. I deleted and reinstalled the NVIDIA High Definition Audio Device, which also deleted and reinstalled the Realtek High Definition Audio Device (booting when instructed to, along the way). The “recording device” pull-down is still empty. When I look in the windows “recording devices” by right clicking the speaker-icon in the sys-tray, there are only the microphone and line-in (both not present and so showing as disconnected). I’m sure the problem in in the PC (not Audacity), but I don’t know what else to do. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help yo can offer. David

Do you have a microphone or interface that’s missing?

Audacity is never going to see any more than Windows sees. So if you have a device, interface or microphone, it needs to appear in the Windows pull down first, then start or restart Audacity.

Audacity checks for devices when it starts, or Transport > Rescan.


On both of my other PCs (where audacity works) “Realtek stereo mix” is listed as a recording source. This source is not offered on the new PC. But I can’t figure out why it is not offered. I deleted and reinstalled the realtek drivers, but still something is wrong. Thanks again.

Hi. I stumbled onto the solution, and am posting it here in case anyone else can use the information.
The “stereo mix” is disable by default (I gather, at least for windows 7). I right clicked on the speaker icon in the sys-tray and selected “recording devices”. In the window that opens, I right clicked on the background. in the window that opened, I clicked on “show disabled devices”. This added the stereo mix option (still disabled) to the list of recording devices. Then right click on “stereo mix” and click enable. Done. Works. Tested recording successfully in Audacity. Blessings. David.

“Realtek stereo mix” is listed as a recording source.

Right. Next you do this, mention the exact problem at the top. What you did was start describing the middle of the problem wandering around what the goal was.

Remember I asked you if you had a microphone?

“I want to record internet sound and I can’t find Realtek stereo mix.” That would have been the ideal question.

It’s not a service. It’s a “fake device” to cross Playback and Record so Audacity can capture internet sound, or Music Playing on the Computer. Without that, you can listen to YouTube or you can record your microphone, but you can’t cross them.